We can help you keep functional appliances at home, avoid trouble and spend less in energy bills. With the services of our Appliance Repair in Van Nuys, appliances last longer and behave better. Trust us to maintain your dishwasher, fridge, dryer, washing machine and any other appliance in the house. Our service technicians offer assistance every time there is something wrong, troubleshoot the problem, offer repairs and replace the damaged parts.

One of the most distinct characteristics in the city of Van Nuys is the Metro Orange Line bicycle path, which runs across bus stops facilitating people's transportation. There are good infrastructures all over California and that's one reason for the large stream of tourists. Our appliance repair service company has great foundations, too. In an effort to help customers in timely fashion, we make sure our entire team is prepared and our vans equipped right. 

We offer home appliance services in timely fashion 

When you count on our appliance services, you can be sure of the good results. With years of making efforts, improving our infrastructures and catching up with novelties, our entire team is ready to deal with the most complex issue. Let us assist you with appliance problems. Whether your freezer is leaking, the microwave doesn't work anymore, the washer is overflowing or the oven doesn't close properly, you can depend on us. When it comes to urgent trouble, our team takes care of it as soon as possible. We provide same day troubleshooting, emergency appliance repair and causal inspections. 

Our appliance technicians are friendly  

Appliance Repair Pro Van Nuys, CA, can help you every time you are confronted with difficult or even trivial problems but also every time you want good experts to inspect and maintain your home appliances. As specialists in home appliance repair, we can take care of everything. From installing a brand new dishwasher to replacing the fridge gasket or checking why the washer doesn't latch, our professionals can help you in times of serious trouble or when you simply want new installations and consultation. Every appliance service technician at our business is trained to do the job and is also reliable, trustworthy and courteous. Working with us will be a pleasure!

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